This website is meant to be a communication tool between SCR and our riders…It also may offer some interesting  links  and precious photos…It is not an ad; most children and adults come to our program thru word of mouth and are looking for the same standards and heart, and become part of the SCR extended family.



                                                                Fallbrook, CA
*A country setting under oak and sycamore trees *

Sandia Creek Ranch Sandia Creek Ranch

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The Ranch offers a variety of enclosures from pipe corrals to group paddocks, with turnout pastures of green grass for reward time or mental break.

Alfalfa/Bermuda hay is fed twice per day and stalls are cleaned daily.

Supplemental feeds and services are available by arrangement.

SCR lesson program members are given priority.

SCR Boarding Supplies  (needed if you own your own horse):


Halter and lead rope—Always available at stall

Feed bucket

Salt block

Grooming tools

Personal tack

Personal extra feeds, (kept in closed container with own scoop).

Shampoos, medicines, wormers, fly masks, blankets,  etc. (please label)

Additional bedding which you will maintain unless other arrangements are made.


SCR requirements: 

**Horses need to be kept current with their vaccinations and wormers.

**SCR needs to be supplied with the most current information.


SCR provides:    

Hay: Bermuda and Alfalfa as needed in AM&PM feedings

Bran and oil: available for twice a week feeding

Daily stall cleaning (feel free to take any manure home you want)

***Extra services are available by arrangement for additional fee (blanketing, bandaging, administering

    medicines, vet care, meeting the farrier, meeting the vet, etc.)

Board Prices

Rules & Requirements for the Ranch

Medical Release (each owner, rider & guest must have one on file!)

Why the older horse?

How much does it cost to own my own horse?