Tips On Opening Documents from the Web

If you are having trouble opening certain items from within Internet Explorer (for example, if your AntiVirus software is configured to alert on all scripts, do the following:

Hold the cursor over the link and right-click one time. This will bring up an actions menu for you to choose from (see image below).



This website is meant to be a communication tool between SCR and our riders…It also may offer some interesting  links  and precious photos…It is not an ad; most children and adults come to our program thru word of mouth and are looking for the same standards and heart, and become part of the SCR extended family.



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*A country setting under oak and sycamore trees *

Sandia Creek Ranch Sandia Creek Ranch

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Document Help

Select "Save Target As..." to open the Save As window (shown here).

Then simply choose a location on your computer where you would like to put this and click Save.

Now you'll be able to open and sometimes even print these files as you would any other document.

Good Luck!